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What to Look for in a Design-Build Contractor

Many more people are looking to hire design-build contractors now in lieu of the traditional approach of hiring a design team and a contractor as two separate entities.  The only question people have after that point is who to hire! Here are a few things to look for when looking to hire a design-build contractor:

Credentials – This is a pretty good first step when hiring just about anyone who offers a service of some complexity.  If people claim to be a design-build team, then make sure that they are staffed with designers, architects, and contractors that are properly licensed or possess the proper degrees.

Experience – A brand new company is not one that is necessarily a business that has to be crossed off the list, but the people who found a design-build company should have the proper experience behind them as should the staff working for them.

An Online Presence – This is something that just about every company should have today, but for a design-build company, it is of greater importance.  A design-build company should not be a website with a few testimonials as to just how good they are.  It should have a good-sized gallery of all the work they have done in the past.  This is their showcase of what they can do…  and it should be good!

Good Reviews from Off-Site – It is pretty normal for people to see lots of excellent reviews on a design-build company’s website, but one should never consider that as being their only source for reviews.  Every site can get a few people to write a review, but it is not so easy to accomplish that off-site.

That is why it is always a good idea to find some independent websites that have reviews on different design-build companies.  These are the ones to really look for to aid in deciding which one to go with.

Plenty of Plans – The website should also allow potential customers to take a look at some of the house and other plans that they have available.  This is an excellent idea for these companies to entice people by allowing them to do a bit of window shopping before they buy!

Get a Referral – The best way to ensure that one gets a company that they will love is to ask around for one.  This can involve inquiring with friends, family, or even coworkers.  There are many people out there that we interact with every day, and it is virtually certain that at least a few of them have had some remodeling done in the past.  A few of them might have even had a house built!  Asking around gets people talking and it will almost certainly return a referral or two for one to investigate.

Get a Consultation – A company might look good on paper or online, but it is always a good idea to get in and meet them to determine if they would be a good fit.

When anyone takes advantage of these ways of doing research to hire a design-build company, they are almost certain to find one that they are going to be satisfied with!

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