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Turning Your Garage Into A Gym

Anyone interested in the fitness lifestyle will be familiar with the gym. Attending a gym can be scary at first, then part of their routine, then a place of familiarity and comfort. However, even with the best will in the world, we know that attending the gym is an inconvenience. Not only do you have to walk or drive there (taking time out of your schedule), but sharing equipment with potentially hundreds of other people can be troubling. Not only that, but during seasonal changes, gyms can be rife with the possibility of spreading cold viruses.

No weightlifter, hobbyist rower, runner or bodyweight workout specialist will have ever begun or completed a workout regime without thinking how convenient it would be to work out at home. Thankfully, home gyms are a thing, a perfectly worthwhile possibility that can warrant time spent planning your own space for this purpose. However, there are many reasons as to why people fail to follow up with these plans. First, researching and purchasing the equipment can seem expensive in time and financial investment. Second, finding space can be troublesome. For this latter consideration, the best self-storage in Wimbledon is worth using to help you open up your garage space in an affordable manner.

 But How are you supposed to get over these prior problems in order to equip this space in the best manner possible? We believe the following advice could help you:

Second-Hand Equipment

Many believe that second-hand gym equipment is not only an irresponsible purchase, but one that barely saves you money in the first place. Not so. In fact, excellent gym equipment can be found in relatively preserved states provided you know what you’re looking for. For example, provided the knots are in place and the bar hasn’t bent at all, a barbell can be a great second hand purchase to make, as can floor mats, as can olympic lifting platforms, as can lat pulldown machines provided the gears function correctly. Basic research into the anatomy of the most common gym equipment can be thoroughly helpful here.


Safety standards should be high when arranging your home gym, and lighting is an important part of that. It’s easy to trip over fall hazards in dark room, and it’s also easy to rack your weights incorrectly or use machines in an imbalanced manner. Ensure overhead lighting illuminates the room to a competent degree, as this will give you a means in which to ensure you can interact with the room safely.

Fire Safety

Like when furnishing any room, fire safety is important to keep in mind. Do not bring too many pieces of equipment into one room. Ensure it is well ventilated and open. Ensure you have an easily accessible escape route and enough floor space to maneuver and walk around gym equipment correctly. It can also be worth letting your fire department know of the home gym you have built, as they may be able to inspect it up to code or provide you with tips to help ventilate or protect the space. This can help you prevent one of the worst disasters a home can experience, which will help justify the overall investment to some degree.

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