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The Mistakes to Be Avoided When You Design A New Distribution Center

Planning is very important when you are going to perform a particular task. Improper planning leads to major mistakes. In certain situations, it becomes difficult to correct the same. This is applicable while you are designing a new distribution center. The main purpose is to complete the projects quickly and without any kind of mistake.

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Mistakes to Be Avoided When You Make A New Distribution Center

A distribution center is considered a big capital investment of a company. It is the final stop before the product reaches the customers.

So, it is important that the planning should be perfect without any mistakes. Mistakes lead to an increase in the cost and give rise to unnecessary delays. If the below mentioned mistakes are avoided, you are sure to get good project results.

Loads That Needs to Be Stored Are Not Indicated Clearly

A distribution center point of focus is the loads that are going to be stored and also the pallets where these will be placed. Make sure that the pallet style, load weight, height is clearly defined. It helps your design team to ensure that all the equipment and racking systems are configured appropriately.

Planning Without Any Slotting Analysis

When you are designing a distribution center, it does not overlook the slotting part as it improves space utilization and increases productivity. The performance can be improved when you identify the products which move fast, instead of focusing on general storage and picking areas.

No Analyses Done for SKU Storage Profile

There are many styles of racking system which range from low-density racks to high-density ones. Mostly you can see a combination of racking configurations based on SKU analysis. A good review of the projected SKU profile helps the facility designer to choose the perfect combination of a racking solution.

Assumptions Are Done That Your Slab is Alright

Various changes have occurred in the anchoring values and this applies to the highly seismic areas. For these, the analysis of the slabs is a major issue. The old strategies used in the anchoring may not work today. Many projects get canceled because the owner does not pay proper attention to the strength of the slab.

Rack Damage Needs to Be Avoided

The rack system suppliers must make use of techniques to reduce rack damage. Pay proper attention to the lower aisle portion of the rack and the end aisle to avoid damage to the racks.


These are a few mistakes that need to be avoided during the designing of a distribution center. It ensures that all tasks are completed on time, and there is no scope for mistakes in the future.

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