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The Best of Pendant Lights for Your House


The pendant light is on the rise and for good reason, it provides precise lighting and is a major advantage in your interior decoration. However, there are a few rules you should follow if you want your fixture to enhance your decor and give you all the light you need. Neither too low, nor too high, neither too large nor too small, the choice is so vast that a few precise benchmarks will be of great help to you. Find the ideal pendant light for your room and shed light on your activities, in any season and at any time.

Ideal for personalizing an interior, the pendant lights bring a real decorative touch to your room. For your kitchen, living room or dining room, in wood, metal or fabric, follow our advice to choose the right pendant light according to the room and the style you want.

A suspension adapted to your room

For a balanced rendering and optimal lighting, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room when choosing a suspension. Thus, a pendant light with a diameter between 30 and 40 cm will blend harmoniously into a small living room of 10 m². Beyond 20 m², you can turn to ceiling lights at least 60 cm in diameter. The glass star pendant light tops the list there.

The height at which to place a pendant depends first of all on its use. If it is a question of lighting the table of your dining room, your ceiling light can go down to 1.6 m from the ground. In an entrance hall, living room, kitchen or bedroom, the pendant should be positioned high enough, ideally about 2.15 m from the floor, to avoid bumping your head when moving around the room. So measure the height of your ceiling before making your choice.

A suspension adapted to your room

  • Warmly welcome your guests by opting for a Scandinavian-inspired pendant light in your hallway. The braided natural materials will be of the most beautiful effect. For a chic and sophisticated style, turn to a wired model. Choose warm, intense white lighting.
  • To give volume to your living room, play on oversize with large ceiling lights, ball or cluster-shaped models. The metal pendant lamp with multiple arms will find its place in an industrial style living room. Practical, it will allow you to direct the light as you see fit to create a personalized atmosphere.
  • To light up the table in your dining room, create a perfect balance by opting for a pendant lamp with a length equivalent to that of a third of the table. Choose targeted lighting with aesthetic wall lights in the shape of bells or tubes.

Above your work surface, the light flux must be optimal. The glass diffusers reveal very generous lighting. Very trendy, the metal suspension combines resistance and ease of maintenance. You can visit website and find the best solutions there.

In a room, the lighting should promote relaxation. For a cocooning interior, bet on a fabric suspension that will diffuse a soft and subdued light. If it is a child’s room, breathe a touch of originality into the room by falling for a light in the shape of an airplane, a star.

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