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Strength In The Base: Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Tiles


Deciding to revamp your old floor tiles that have become fragile and old looking would definitely be a good decision, but may require a bit of research on your part because tiles of your choice might be there in the market, but people usually end up buying something they regret later as for some, durability is the point of focus but for others, it is the aesthetics that matter more. Therefore, considering a few factors while choosing the ideal floor tiles may make you meet your requirements within your budget.

1.The finishing

Before choosing the perfect tile, you can look for different finishing styles. There are various numbers of tiles that can simply steal focus and even suit your requirements. Some of the most cherished tile finishes are polished, matt, wooden, metallic, carving, marble, and rustic ones.

  1. Material

Perhaps, primarily the most significant aspect of selecting floor tiles is the material. What matters the most is the material it is made of. The most popularly used material for floor tiles is ceramic, glass, cement, vitrified. These materials provide high durability and also come in numerous designs. Therefore, people tend to go for these materials more often. Another option in this is the anti-slip tiles, which are used particularly in places such as bathrooms. But these can be used in the kitchen or the bedroom as well. These tiles provide grip and anti-slip features. Thus, it is the material that one needs to consider before purchasing floor tiles.

  1. The size 

The requirement of tiles for rooms that are spacious and rooms that are comparatively smaller may differ in the way that floor tiles for spacious rooms must be big-sized such as 100×200, 120×120 whereas for smaller rooms they should be smaller. Thus, size is a major factor in choosing floor tiles.

  1. Maintenance

One would obviously avoid purchasing tiles that require maintenance and cleaning that goes beyond the steady and fixed cleaning of the tiles. Thus, maintenance becomes another important aspect of floor tile selection. For homes with kids and places such as the kitchen, durable and strong tiles are expected, which would require the least maintenance and can be cleaned with minimum effort.

Types and designs in floor tiles at Club Ceramic have evolved so much that one can expect a satisfactory blend of strength and longevity with incredible designs suiting your requirements, which is pocket-friendly in nature as well.

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