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RO Water Purifiers vs. UV Water Purifiers

There are many recommendations these days regarding health and safety. Regular exercise, nutritious food, supplements, a balanced diet, and a lot of other tips are often passed, whenever someone talks of lifestyle choices. It is imperative to understand the essential requirements that our body needs to stay healthy. Among these things, one of the critical inputs required is clean drinking water. This is where water purifiers come in handy, and as always, it is essential to know the type and kind of water purifiers that are available in the market so that you can choose the one best suited for your needs. The two common types of purifiers are RO and UV.

RO water filters refer to Reverse Osmosis Purifiers, and UV water purifiers expand to Ultraviolet purifiers.

What is the difference between RO and UV water purifier?

The RO water filters use a semi-permeable RO membrane to remove the impurities. This is done by letting the water pass through the semi-permeable membrane. Thus, this is very useful for places where the water supply has a lot of dissolved material in it (Total Dissolved Solids).

Unlike theRO, a UV water purifier uses Ultraviolet rays for purifying water. Therefore, this is useful for places with soft water supply, which may have dissolved viruses and bacteria.

Thus, the majordifference between RO and UV water purification remains in their mechanism, which is suitable for two types of water quality. Therefore, to choose among the two of them, you must try to look into the kind of water supply you get in your house. If your water supply is underground or from a well, RO would be better suited as that water tends to be hard. Whereas, if your water supply is from a river or lake, it tends to have more living organisms but less dissolved solids, making it soft. Hence, in this case, a UV purifier may be more useful.

What is an RO UV Water Purifier?

As the name suggests, these water purifiers give you the best of both. They provide an RO membrane as well as UV light, for complete purification and is an ideal fit, regardless of the type and composition of your water supply. In case of any confusion, this is an ideal choice. They can act as an excellent contributor to guaranteed good health, as the water you would be consuming will be clean and pure.

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