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Information on Cabinet Painting in a Home

With the cost of a new kitchen or new cabinets in the bathroom, it is no surprise that homeowners often turn to paint as an alternative way to change the look of these rooms – either as a DIY project or with a painting professional. If you choose to do it yourself it does give some owners the total freedom to use their creative potential.

Cabinet paint brands

Most painting contractors in Denver or the surrounding communities will advise homeowners on the cost of professional painting. They will also guide you to what are the current trending brands of cabinet paint that give a finish that is flawless. These include:

  • Full gloss paint by Farrow and Ball.
  • Eurolux acrylic paint by Fine Paints of Europe.
  • Advance Interior satin paint by Benjamin Moore.
  • Cabinet transformation system by Rust-Oleum.
  • Semi-gloss latex interior paint by Valspar Cabinet Enamel.
  • Semi-gloss enamel paint by Behr Alkyd.

A professional will advise that the harder the finish the better. This means semigloss, gloss or satin. These make your surface durable as well as wipeable and ensure that you won’t need to paint again for several years.

Professional painting

When considering a professional contractor for painting your cabinets, the average cost usually runs $2.92 to $6.66 per square foot. So, 300 square feet of kitchen cabinets done professionally will cost a homeowner between $875 to $1997 per project.

Reasons to hire professionals

There are some important reasons to have professionals do your cabinet painting. These include:

  • Great high-quality cabinets demand great work, not DIY work.
  • Achieve a factory-like finish on cabinets when sprayed with a fine finish sprayer that professionals use.
  • Preparation and using the correct products are vital to a lasting finish.
  • Color matching is a large problem with any paint job and professional painters know how to manage this detail.
  • Less disturbance of the entire home when using professionals.
  • Professionals have numerous guarantees.
  • Professionals ensure their work will be the level of work you need and pay for.

Things to think about

All of this should be taken into consideration when deciding between doing this painting project yourself or hiring professionals. The best results usually happen when you hire professional cabinet painters.

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