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Important things to know before you decide to demolish your house

The home demolition process should commence only after completing due diligence with the local governing authorities. Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the public utility service is a must.

When you have been living in the same house for very long, the house begins to become an indispensable part of your family.

The more time you live in the house, the more memories it creates. The sentimental value of any house grows multi-fold with time. As your family grows in size, you would require more space. Without moving out, demolishing your old house and constructing a spacious new one is the best feasible way. Especially in all the older areas, demolition is the most sought solution.

Several other reasons like natural disasters, wear and tear over many years, the urge to live in a modern house, and weak structure make the owner decide to demolish their house.

Permits required for House Demolition

Before demolishing your house, in addition to getting approval from civic authorities, depending upon the neighborhood, you might have to obtain more than one permit.

  • If your house is on a busy road, then you need to obtain permission from traffic authorities. They will set up a barricade around your house so that the traffic does not get disturbed.
  • If you are building your basement, you will need permission from your neighbors.
  • In case you are building a new house on your plot, the builder is required to take permission from the local body/authority.
  • If you have demolished a two-storied building and decided to build a three-storied building, you need permission as well.

Methods for demolition

  • Simple Manual demolition -This method applies to small buildings where you demolish the structure using mechanical techniques.
  • Green demolition – This method involves bringing down the structure as carefully as possible to reuse maximum materials.

Various demolition companies around the globe do it in the blink of an eye. House demolition Perth is well known for its professional and seamless quality of work.

Should you demolish your house?

It solely depends on the economics of the family and the condition of the house. If the house is in shockingly bad condition, rather than spending any more on improvements, it is better to take it down. It also depends upon how much you are ready to spend since there are possibilities for both partial-demolition and renovation.

Before deciding to demolish your current home and build a sophisticated new home, however, take the factors mentioned above into consideration. It takes months to construct a home and only a few minutes to demolish it.

Few important pointers

  • Decide on the demolition company.
  • Choose a construction company with a good record.
  • Discuss with the building construction company regarding the cost of the whole process.
  • To collect scrap, wastes, and brick, arrange a collection truck beforehand.
  • Make sure you do not disturb your soon to be neighbors.
  • Take expert advice before the house-remodel.
  • Finally, follow construction rules to avoid any legal hurdles in the later stages of construction.

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