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How to Create a Spring Wildlife Garden

Creating a wildlife garden can be simple: it only takes a few tools and you will have the garden you have always wanted with beautiful flora and fauna to impress your neighbors and make the environment flourish.


Start with a patch of land you want to be the Spring wildlife garden. Make sure it is at least grassy and if not, place a grass seed all over the land with fertilizer and you will have full-grown grass in no time. If you already do have the grass, create or buy a bird house and put it somewhere high. You can hang it in a tree if there are any, and if not, you can use a birdhouse hanger that sticks into the ground and holds the bird habitat up. Bring bird feed and put some in the birdhouse to attract fauna. Soon, you will have birds all over your wildlife garden for Spring, as birds help pollinate. 


Speaking of birds pollinating, it is important you get some flowers and plant them. The best way to grow flowers fast is to use rockwool cubes and soak them in pH-balanced water for a day. Then put the seeds in the rockwool with the tip of the seed pointing up, and put it in a warm, humid, and dark climate for another 3-4 days. This could be stored in your attic or basement, but your basement is recommended. Once you see the rockwools after the 3-4 days, you will have sprouted flowers. You can put them in pots or put them straight into the ground. Make sure you include some of the fertilizer you close to use in the pot or on the ground with the plants. This is the most effective way to ensure you will have a blooming flower garden in less than 2 months. 


Now that you have flowers in your garden, you should start getting more bees and birds coming your way. The bees will help pollinate, which will in turn keep your plants happy and healthy. By introducing bees into your garden, you are helping the environment and helping the bee population, which has been incredibly low in the last few years. Only recently has the bee population started to incline and that is because of Spring wildlife gardens like each one you are making!


Another way for your garden to prosper is by getting insect hotels. These are little sets of tubes that bugs will want to crawl inside and create a nest. This will attract bugs like ladybugs and dragonflies, as well as the smaller insects, too. Just leave some pieces of wood and rocks around in a small section you want to be the “bug corner,” and see all of the new types of bugs you will attract.


Composting is a great way to help the spring wildlife garden while getting rid of garbage in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way. Use leaves, kitchen scraps, twigs, and branches to start building the compost. First, put a layer down of twigs and sticks, then a layer of fertilizer and dirt, then a layer of your compost material, and keep repeating the process until the proper lawn is ready. This will be your fertilizer once it is completed because of how nutrient-rich the soil is once you have it. You can use this fertilizer for your plants and your grass! 

Creating a Spring wildlife garden can seem difficult, but each component takes some time to process and you will have your new garden in 2-3 notes completed. You will be able to attract birds and other small animals like hedgehogs, who will take advantage of your garden for the environment’s benefit. This garden will bring together all aspects of nature, all right outside your home.

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