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How to clean the best portable AC?

Portable ACs are a highly comfortable & convenient type of AC that can protect you from the brunt of hot summer. The best portable ACs can be easily moved from one location to the other. They are efficient but as other ACs, require regular cleaning to work to their maximum efficiency.

The good news with these appliances is that it does not need to have a lot of technical know-how to clean them.

Here we would tell you the easy and simple way of cleaning your favorite AC unit to allow them to perform at their full capacity.

Easy Way to Clean Your Portable AC

Dry the AC

Run the AC on fan mode and wait until it dries down the inside of the unit completely. 

Switch off the AC

It is essential to switch off and unplug your AC before starting any cleaning or maintenance work. Ensure that you follow this basic safety rule at all times to keep yourself safe while cleaning your portable AC.

Empty out the water tank

The water tank collects water during the dehumidifying process. Drain the water completely from the water tank.

Remove the filter

Softly press the AC cover to open it. You will find filters under the cover. Remove the filter from the frame and remove dirt by shaking it.

Wash the filter

Rinse the filter under running water until all dirt and dust clogged inside the filters are removed. You can then mix a soft detergent in the lukewarm water and wash the filter with the solution.

Allow filters to dry naturally before fitting back in the unit.

Vacuum clean the vents

Carefully clean the input vent with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the cooling coils

Clean the cooling coils with an acidic solution. You can spray the solution on the cooling coils and clean it. 

Clean the external units

Use a damp cloth to wipe clean the external unit. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tool or a strong solution to clean the unit. You can, however, use the same solution prepared to clean filters to clean the external unit as well.

Switch on the AC

Reconnect the power plug and switch on the AC. Allow it to run for a few minutes.

Fit the components back

If the unit blows a cool breeze it signifies that the unit is running well. Now, reinstall all the components including the hose.  

Final Words

So, this is how to clean a portable AC in the easiest way. We hope you find this information useful.  

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