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How is Mold Testing Done at Home?

Molds are a common problem at our homes or office. Since they are harmful to the people living at the property, one should get rid of molds as soon as possible. 

If you are curious that molds or spores are polluting your indoor environment and aggravating allergies, you can alleviate your concerns by getting a mold testing New York. You might have paused for a while by walking in the bathroom to the mustiness of the space. The mustiness that you spot is damp breeding grounds for mildew and mold. You can easily witness the presence of mold outdoors thought it’s unwelcomed in the indoors as molds that grow indoors can be inhaled and also lead to health ramifications. Thus, it is vital to get mold testing New York. Sometimes along with mustiness, you can spot some discolored spots on floors and walls. It also develops respiratory problems.

Start Here – Hidden Spots for Mold

Molds grow in places that are moist so they can be found near areas that are humid and damp. Plumbing leaks often trigger mold growth. It would help if you get mold testing New York done, as soon as you see mold growth in your surroundings. Some of the most common areas to get mold testing New York done are:

  • Behind your refrigerator
  • Below sinks
  • Behind the drywall in wall stud spaces 
  • In ventilation ducts
  • Behind the wallboard or leaking windows
  • Behind acoustic ceiling tiles if the roof leaked
  • Beneath carpeting that was wet once, including carpet cleaning.

How to Use Mold Test Kits?

Experts who perform mold testing will teach you how to use mold kits. The kits are generally available from online retailers to home improvement stores.  As all kits are designed differently, you need to choose a package as per your requirement. If you want to check the mold spores in the air, you need to purchase the entire testing kit. The testing process takes a few days, and if you find mold present in the air, you can send the samples to a professional lab. By submitting the samples to the labs, you will get to know the type of molds present. To avoid the hassle, you can also hire professionals who offer services like mold remediation New York.

Step 1: You need to close the windows and doors of the space where you spot the molds. It is advised that you keep the doors and windows shut for 24 hours before conducting the test. This will allow the images to assemble without any interruption from drafts.

Step 2: You have to remove the contents of the kit from its box. Once you open the packaging, you will find a shallow plastic petri dish with a label and a lid. Inside the petri dish, there is a microbial structure that is known to promote mold growth. This will help you in collecting samples required for mold remediation New York.

Step 3: You have to remove the lid from the petri dish and place it on a flat surface at table height. You have to leave the petri dish untouched for 48 hours. You should restrict traffic in the room or space during this time, so there is no disturbance in the office or area. You can cover the room with tape.

Step 4: You have to place the lid back on the petri dish after the waiting limit. Where the top meets the plate, you have to put a layer of tape around the seam. You can either use scotch tape or electric tape but avoid any tape like duct tape that is difficult to remove.

Step 5: You can affix the label to the bottom of the petri dish and enclose the kit.

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