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How do I sell my house during the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 has slowed down many house sales in the last month around Warner Robins Georgia.Many home sellers have taken their house off the market because they don’t think it will sell. “If you pave the way, they will come”. Here are some ideas to sell your house during the covid-19 pandemic.

Sell your Warner Robins house… empty

I know many of you have to stay in your house until it sells. BUT, during this pandemic, it won’t sell because you are staying in the house, which creates a “social distance” problem. Home buyers don’t want to expose themselves to a strange house that may be exposed. Try to advertise a “Clean house”.

Clean your entire house, I mean CLEAN it. Take pictures ofit getting cleaned. Put away everything you possibly can. Make your Warner Robins house look like a show house. NOW, go get a hotel for the week. Advertise that the house is clean and vacant (of course, let the neighbors know so they can help keep an eye on the house). When it is time to show the house, go ten minutes early to unlock the door and wait in the yard. When they are finished looking at your house, wipe the house real quick and you are done.

Sell your house with better picture and videos

Zillow is a great place to advertise your house for sale, but if the home buyer can’t see the house in the listing, they won’t drive for a closer look. Take the time to get really got pictures with lots of light to show your Georgia house in the best light. Better still, take a video of the entire house for your listing. This will get enough people interested to at least come look at your home.

If you can make yourself available to Skye, walk the home buyer thru the house with your phone. Just going the extra steps like this could create a buyer out of loyalty.

Sell to a direct home buyer

There are plenty of home buyers that want a house, but are just not willing to go out looking. A direct home buyer, could potentially reduce your social interaction to one or two people (instead of dozens). This allows you to sell your house without moving out for a week at a time. You could clean the house foe one buyer and get the house sold in time for you’re the next chapter in your life.

Not enough time to sell your house during Covid-19

Many people are trying to get to another location now, but can’t leave until the house sells. If the house does not sell in time, they may be forced to let the old house go into foreclosure.

Renting out your house may be a good option to get thru this pandemic. It allows someone else to pay the mortgage (by paying rent) which leaves you free to move to your next home without any interruptions. Since houses in Warner Robins Ga are renting fast, this is just as easy as selling your house. If you find the right professional landlord, they can take care of cleaning and preparing the house to rent while you take care of getting moved.

So, before you go into a panic about a pandemic stopping your from selling your Warner Robins House, Try moving out, taking better picture, finding a direct buyer or just rent for now. Click on the links for more information.

Good luck

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