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Granite countertops simplified: Discover the pros, cons and other aspects!

Planning your dream kitchen can be overwhelming, and there’s one aspect you cannot afford to ignore – The choice of countertop material. Countertops are used extensively in most homes, and while aesthetics and style do matter, nothing is more important than functionality. Talk to a few interior experts, and they are likely to recommend choices like granite, quartz and marble. Before you go ahead and order Kitchen Wholesalers granite counter tops, check the list of pros, cons and other important factors that matter. 

The advantages 

  • Granite, being a natural stone, has a charm that cannot be matched by options like ceramic tiles. It remains one of the aesthetic choices, and no two granite countertops will look the same. 
  • You can find a wide range of color and shade options in granite. No matter the kind of theme you have selected for the kitchen, there will be a corresponding granite color for countertops to match it. 
  • The biggest advantage of granite is durability. It is resistant to heat and scratches, so even if you mistakenly end up using your knife on the countertop, the damage will be minimal. Granite is great at resisting stains, especially if you go for a dark color. It also doesn’t absorb liquids as compared to marble, especially when sealed properly. 
  • You can expect granite countertops to last for as long as two decades, with almost no need for extensive maintenance. 

Check the flip side

  • Since no two granite countertops look the same, uniformity is a matter of concern. If you like your countertops to look the same and match, this might not be a great choice. 
  • Granite countertops do need sealing, just like marble. It is a porous natural stone, which can be disadvantage for some homes. 
  • Of course, since granite, being durable, doesn’t need replacement. If you get bored of the look of your countertops, you will have to spend on renovation for the sake of it. 
  • Granite countertops do need extra structural support, because the stone is heavy, and more importantly, you may have to spend more on transport. 

Other things to know

Consider granite countertops for your home, but consider the pros and cons in detail. We also recommend that you ask for an estimate in advance, with installation costs involved. Do ensure that granite countertops are sealed by professionals, or else, getting rid of stains would be impossible. 

Also, make sure to select the right installer for the job!

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