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Few Things to Know Regarding Radiant Floor Heating

It will be a pleasure to walk barefoot on the heated floor during winter months. If you are renovating your home or building a new house then you must consider installing a radiant heater under the floor, which is an energy efficient way to keep your floor warm.

Read further to know more about the radiant floor heating system of Ceramique au Sommet.

  1. Know about radiant floor heating

This was invented by ancient Romans who were known as engineering-savvy people. Those who had their slaves, they were used for fanning the wood-burning fires under their elevated marble floors.

So, radiant floor heating actually is an under-the-floor system of heating which conducts heat through floor surface instead of through air.

  1. How does it work?

Usually, two types of radiant heating systems are very common:

  • Electric heater, which are easier to install however quite expensive to run. Hence, they will be more preferable to heat smaller area.
  • Hydronic which is heating through hot water tubes. This type of heating system is comparatively cheaper to run and suitable for larger areas too.

Hydronic type of heaters may be little expensive initially as their installation is little more complicated, as hot water has to be circulated through a boiler.

  1. What are the advantages of this type of heating?

If you install radiant heating system at your home, then you can keep your toes always warm and hence your rest of the body will also remain warm during chilly cold days too.

The heat radiating out will also keep the room temperature quite warm and pleasant during winter as the heated air will slowly rise up to the ceiling.

  1. What are the disadvantages of this type of heating?

In the already constructed houses, it will be very difficult to install such heating system as the floor in these houses already exists. This type of heating system can only be conveniently installed in any new buildings.

  1. Which type of flooring materials suits best with radiant heating?

Though with heated floors, all kinds of flooring materials are used however some materials will work more effectively as compared to others. One must use common thumb rules like using materials with better thermal-conducting properties.

If you use solid wooden floors then it can shrink or expand with different temperatures and as a result will leave few unsightly gaps.

In case, you love wooden floors, then you need to hire a well experienced wood-floor installer who can manage potential shrinkage.

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