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Common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid

When renovating, it is extremely essential to have a plan. A bathroom restoration is a good starting point for any house remodel, and without a plan, mistakes are lead to happen. It does not matter how small or big the space is, but tackling a full-scale bathroom overhaul is a huge process. Without preparation, it is most unlikely to get the beautiful washroom you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re replacing an old basin or revamping the whole space, bathroom renovation can be an expensive task. To help you prepared, here listed are some common mistakes made during renovation, so that you can avoid them in your bathroom improvement plan. 

Not having fixed budget estimation 

One of the important areas to consider in home renovation is budget. You should avoid overspending on bathroom revamps, but not compromising with the fixtures and materials. You might’ve discovered your dream bathroom in either Pinterest board or house design magazine, but going blindly for the style, without considering the price can turn into a very costly affair. You need to check online images and local trade stores, magazines for ideas, but should not spend too much. Reach your dream while staying within budget. 

Not hiring professionals

You may be looking for saving money by doing all the renovation work yourself, but unless you’re an expert or tradesperson, don’t try this tactic. Look for licensed professionals to avoid costly water damage repairs in the long term. Ask your family and friends for recommendations, and read online reviews before hiring renovating company.  

Failing to plan

Many people work on the go or simply jump into renovation, without actually thinking what to be done. Lack of clear plan is one of the main mistakes that many people commit. Planning will help you to get precise materials as per the measurement and their estimated cost, so that you can create your own design as per your personal taste. 

Selecting trendy designs 

Though it’s completely okay to be trendy in terms of design and aesthetic appearance, bathrooms should not equip too fancy items that look outdated with time. You can use trendy fixtures, but that should not hamper or damage the look of the whole house. Purchase accessories and fixtures that do not crowd up the space or making it look small. Choose wall or tiles color at the start of the project, so that you can stay on budget and fill out the rest with luxury finishes at the end.

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