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Choosing your kitchen backsplash: Reviewing top 3 factors!

Remodeling your kitchen could be an overwhelming experience, primarily because there are so many diverse aspects to consider. When it comes to countertops for kitchen, functionality and practicality remain the most critical aspects, but for the backsplash, you can choose to be a tad more focused on aesthetics. Backsplash design can make or break your kitchen, and there are so many designs to choose from. Vendors like Granite au Sommet have all kinds of backsplash materials and tiles on offer, so there is always something for every kitchen. In this post, we are discussing further on how to choose the backsplash for your kitchen and aspects that matter.

  1. Start with the main focal point. Every kitchen has this one focal point that largely determines the design for everything else. In most cases, it is usually the cabinets or the countertop. For the backsplash, you have to decide what you want to match it to. For instance, the backsplash can be an ideal match to the countertop, while in some cases, you can choose to go completely contrast. If you don’t have an interior designer for the project, just ask your vendor to offer a few options.
  2. Find the estimate. Depending on the backsplash tiles you select, you have to ask for an estimate. Some people like the backsplash to extend to the walls to create that uniform look and that makes total sense. In fact, if you have a small kitchen, this could be a great way to enhance the look and visual effect of it. Nevertheless, ask for an estimate and review all your options accordingly to that. You may need additional 10% of estimated material, so keep that cost in mind.
  3. Consider maintenance. Ceramic tiles remain one of the most loved and preferred option for backsplashes, and as far as maintenance is concerned, you don’t have to worry a lot. However, there are other options, such as natural stone, glass, which do have a few pros and cons. Glass for instance, can be expensive, while with stones, you have to spend on sealing at least once in couple of years.

Final word

Think of the backsplash as an investment, just like the countertop, and if you can spend a tad more on giving the kitchen a theme, it is a wise decision as far as aesthetics and looks are concerned. Find a good vendor and ask for estimates today based on the designs liked.

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