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Causes of Water Heater Leaks

Most of us know that when the water heater is leaking, it is bad news. This minor nuisance might turn into a significant big problem before one knows it, hence it is an issue that should be resolved quickly and professionally. A professional Water Heater Repair service provider needs to address this issue and resolve it.

Few of the leading causes of water heater leaks are:

1.   The Heater Drain Valve:

The drains valve is a standard and an easy issue to repair. In case of a water leak from the valve, ensure it is closed completely. If this watertight drain valve continues to leak, its time to have it replaced entirely, and it is a relatively inexpensive process. Broken drain valves can also cause water leaks from the bottom of your tank. They can be easily fixed by replacing the broken drain valve with a new one.

2.   Corrosion:

Sediment buildup further leads to corrosion, cracking, and also holes in the bottom of the tank. When this takes place, it is generally the time for a water heater replacement.

3.   Loose water line connections:

Leaks can be caused by normal wear and tear which loosens the inlet /outlet water lines. By tightening or completely replacing the loose worn water line this problem can be resolved at ease.

4.   Broken temperature/pressure valves:

These valves basically monitor and regulate the temperature as well as pressure inside your water heaters. When these valves break, they cause water leaks from the sides of your water heater tank.

5.   The Cold and Hot Water Inlet/Outlet Connections:

If the source of your leak is the cold/hot water inlet-outlet connections area, it is a very easy fix. Firstly check the inlet and outlet pipe’s connections and then see if they are loose and are the cause of water leak. In this case, you just need to tighten the connection with the help of a wrench or completely replace the faulty pipeline.

6.   The Bottom of the Water Tank:

The most common cause of a leaking water tank is from the bottom of the tank. As said above, sediment build-up at the bottom of your water tank for years and years will eventually cause corrosion to the bottom of the tank and start to leak. In the case where age and deterioration are the cause of your water heater leak, you will need to call a professional plumber to have it replaced.

Various other things might cause water heater leaks—and, sometimes, these leaks are the result of multiple issues. The best way to determine what is causing your water heater leak and to get the best solution for resolving it is by contacting a professional and trusted plumber.

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