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Buying a Condo Community and Renting Them Out

Property investors research the advantages of owning a condo community. The communities offer seasonal or year-round housing in beachfront areas. Investors have the opportunity to purchase condos that are right on the beach or within close proximity. Reviewing common factors about buying a condo community and renting them out helps investors explore the opportunity further.

Are Repairs Needed for the Units?

Formal inspections help the investor determine if the properties have any existing issues, but they can also walk through each individual unit and make note of all problem areas that require repairs. Calculating the cost of repairs for an existing condo community helps the investor determine how much upfront capital is needed to get the properties ready for tenants. A sound investment doesn’t present excessive upfront costs and gives the investor reassurance that they will receive some return on the investment.

Where are the Condos Located?

The location of the condos dictates how much tenants will pay to live in the properties. If the properties are close to the beach, the price the investor can charge is far more than if the properties are several miles away. The amenities that come with the property determine how valuable the property is from an investment point of view. If it has more amenities that aren’t available in every condo community in the target area, the investor could capitalize on the special features and get more out of the investment based on the demand for the features.

What is the Earning Potential?

The owner of an existing condo community that rented out the units is aware of the earning potential for the property. In assessing the records, the investor can determine if the properties are ready and available to tenants and how much they can expect to make when travelers come to the area and rent out the units. If they want to rent the units year-round, there is information from the previous owner that shows how profitable the investment is currently. It can also help the new owner determine what changes can increase their profits and maximize the property’s earning potential.

Are There Existing Tenants?

When purchasing an existing condo community, the seller might include some contingencies or clauses in the contract to protect anyone living on the property. Existing tenants who have an existing lease must be accommodated throughout the remainder of the lease. If the new owner wants to continue renting to the tenants, they can start a new lease at the end of the term and charge their preferred rental fees.

What Issues Could Arise?

The most common issues that could arise are structural damage, environmental or health risks, and accidents. When buying a condo community, the investor will need insurance to protect themselves and their investment.

Property investors review their options when investing in a condo community. The properties could provide housing for local residents or a vacation opportunity for future travelers. Reviewing the properties helps the investor determine what option is best for them. Property investors who want to find out more can get information from NRIA now.


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