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Best Limits for the best Landscape Designing for You

When arranging the landscape, the right selection of plants in terms of colour plays a big role. The colour palette of plants available on the market is infinitely large. We can choose plants in one colour or create a colourful rainbow composition of plants. It all depends on our imagination.

We start designing a colourful landscape by determining your preferences. Each of us has our favourite colours in which we feel good. Some colours stimulate us to live, while others receive energy. By introducing the right colours into the landscape, we can affect our well-being and loved ones. The landscape should harmonize with the accompanying buildings, and above all with their interiors. The whole must be coherent and harmonious. Colours cannot overwhelm or disturb us.

Colourful flower landscapes

Currently, the most fashionable are single-color landscapes, various in shades of one colour. The opposite are landscapes in strong red, purple, pink colours. These colours can be combined both on the basis of harmonious compositions and strong contrasts. Another way to colour in the landscape is to create a green structure of trees and shrubs and to add blooming colourful flowers and colourful details in the form of pots or benches. You need the best of landscape architecture augusta ga.

  • Leaves, shoots, fruits and small architecture are also collared. The leaves take on colours not only in autumn; they can also be colourful from spring to winter. There are many varieties of shrubs, but also perennials, which can boast purple, yellow or silver leaves. Some plants have multi-collared leaves, for example green with a light rim or dappled motley.
  • There are also species that change the colour of leaves in subsequent stages of development – as young they are orange, and then change their colour to yellow or even red. For those who want to have a green element in the landscape, there is a wide range of evergreen plants. Using them, we can create beautiful compositions that will be a great background for our additions, i.e. flowers.

In autumn our landscape is diversified by colourful fruit and seed heads. They often remain on plants until spring. They are food for birds and other animals. The colour of the fruit is very wide. From white and pink fruits of snowdrops, through yellows, oranges and reds of a cucumber or rowan to black elderberries. Their size and shape are also interesting.

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Decorative shoots

Shrubs and trees are very decorative elements. Depending on the variety, dogwoods are green, yellow, orange or red. Chinese plotline with always green shoots beautifully contrasts with the yellow receipts that cover it. Willows also have very diverse colours, and sometimes bent shoots. There are many other species of plants with decorative shoots, including bark.


The landscape is to be our oasis of peace, a place to rest. Therefore, no matter what the current fashion is, the most important thing is that we were satisfied with the effect.

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