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A Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne

With the warmer weather comes the potential for sunny recreation in outdoor spaces such as patios. There’s nothing quite like some gentle time resting among the shaded greenery outdoors or having a relaxed chat with friends on the patio with a glass of wine or a cup of tea in hand. Outdoor spaces not only add more room to your home on a practical level, but they also enhance the level of enjoyment you experience from your property. But how do you deck out your deck, veranda, patio, balcony or other open air spot in the great outdoors? Buying items from outdoor furniture stores may seem straightforward enough, yet there are a few more considerations to keep in mind compared to buying indoor furniture. Here’s a handy guide to buying outdoor furniture in Melbourne or elsewhere. 

H2: Buy Furniture that’s Suitable for Your Local Climate

If you’ve lived in the same area for quite some time, then you should be quite familiar with your local climate. Harsh sun in summer will mean that some outdoor furniture in Melbourne could become faded quite quickly, so you’ll need to give extra consideration to the material and colours you choose. Similarly, if you get regular downpours, you may want to choose items from outdoor furniture stores that won’t rot from extended water exposure throughout the seasons. Materials that can be susceptible to weather conditions include wicker, wood and cushion fabric.

H2: Consider Scale

Walk out into your outdoor space and consider its scale and shape. What do you have to work with? A long narrow balcony? A large deck? These are important signposts to keep in mind when you walk into any outdoor furniture stores.  A huge long table won’t work in a narrow space, as you won’t have enough room to move around it. On the other hand, a small chair and table set could be swamped on an enormous decking area. It’s all about relative proportions. Bear in mind the scale of your outdoor space and choose outdoor furniture in Melbourne accordingly. 

H2: Placement

Where you put your outdoor furniture in Melbourne could have a profound effect on how long it lasts out in the elements. Is there a part of your patio that has an overhead covering so your furniture will be more sheltered? You also need to decide if your furniture will sit on soft ground, grass, a wooden area or paving. Taking into account the intended surrounds of the items you buy from outdoor furniture stores can make a big difference. For example, soft woods like pine shouldn’t be put on a grassy surface in exposed areas. The moisture of the earth can rot wood and corrode some metals. These materials should instead be placed on wooden or paved areas.  

H2: Comfort & Budget

You want your outdoor furniture in Melbourne to help you relax, so it makes sense to choose products from outdoor furniture stores that are comfortable to use. Tables should be at the ideal height for their use, and chairs should be suitable for lounging or sitting in for longer periods. There should be no discomfort at all when you use them. However, you also need to choose outdoor furniture in Melbourne that’s priced within your budget. If you have a large area to deck out with furniture, draw up a floor plan and a corresponding spending plan so you don’t spend more than you can afford.   

H2: Conclusion

There are numerous things to take into account when buying outdoor furniture in Melbourne. Make sure the items you buy are weather-appropriate, comfortable, right-sized and within your budget and you can’t go wrong.


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