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Cooking up a Storm with Linked Equipment’s Innovative Solutions

There was a time when the words ‘container’ and ‘kitchen’ mentioned in the same sentence would raise eyebrows, if not spoons. But not anymore! Linked Equipment is serving the perfect recipe of innovation and convenience like never before. Our Shipping Container Kitchens are the perfect blend of modern design and portable practicality.

Gourmet Meals On-the-GO!

Never again lets a soggy sandwich take the place of a meal. With our mobile kitchens, every meal can be a fine dining experience – because isn’t every meal a mini occasion? Or is that just our stomachs talking?

Next, forget about traditional office spaces that stand still. In this fast-paced world, shouldn’t your office be able to keep up? Well, it can now with our Mobile Office Solutions. Work just got a lot more mobile, and Monday mornings just got slightly more bearable.

Need a Break? We’ve Got You Covered!

Our modular restroom solutions and mobile restroom solutions will redefine the way you think about…well, restrooms. So whether you’re in the wild, at work, or somewhere in between, you won’t have to compromise on comfort or privacy ever again. With Linked Equipment, every place is your space.

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