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Your Trusted Local HVAC Expert: Family Heating & Air

Nestled in the heart of Pensacola, FL, Family Heating & Air has faithfully served communities within this laid-back North Florida town and its surrounding areas for years. We have made it our mission to ensure optimal comfort for every home and business throughout all four seasons.

A Proven Record in AC Service and Air Conditioning Repair

Dotted with white sandy beaches and kissed by the sun’s love, our region can get quite warm, particularly in the heart of summer. At Family Heating & Air, we understand the importance of a fully functional air conditioning system. We deliver impeccable AC service and AC replacement to ensure your indoor environment stays cool and comfortable. We are also experts in air conditioning repair, with swift response times and an outstanding record of getting things right the first time.

Family Heating & Air is always on standby for your heating needs too. Yes, even in a sunny area like Pensacola, Brynt, West Pensacola and Ensley, there’s a need for furnace installation. Our company values your comfort during the colder months just as much as during the hot summer.

Extending Our Warm Service Beyond Pensacola

We are proud to expand our service areas beyond Pensacola to serve residents in Ferry Pass and Biloxi, MS. Family Heating & Air brings the same level of dedication to reliable AC service, air conditioner installation, and furnace installation to these communities. Trust that we will treat each service call with the individual attention it deserves to meet unique requirements and preferences.

Our commitment as a company goes beyond providing exceptional HVAC services. We also aim to educate our customers, offering tips and advice on how to maintain their system at its best. Family Heating & Air believes that a well-informed customer is a key to a durable and efficient HVAC system.

At Family Heating & Air, we are more than a business. We are a part of the community we serve. We promise to be there for you whether the sun is beaming, or the cold fronts are passing through. With us, your comfort and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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