Putting Some Efforts to Control Pest before Hiring Pest Control Concord Service

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While the professional pest control Concord is not a bad idea, sometimes you want to put a little bit more efforts. There’s nothing wrong with putting more efforts in protecting your own home. Your home may become the home for uninvited guests such as squirrels, rodents, bats and others. Getting rid of them can be a difficult thing to do but it’s doable.

Step by Step of DIY Pest Control

Pest will be bad for your home. If you let the pest do whatever they like, your family health will be in danger. The droppings of bats can be really bad and worst than animals like mice. Don’t be panic though. There’s a solution for everything. Try to do the steps in this list:

1. Inspecting the House

The first step of pest control Concord is to check your home. Check the attic, basement and other parts of home properly. Take a note with you to write down some things you need to remember. Do the house inspection not only once or twice but regularly every now and then.

2. Seal the Possible Entry Points

There might be gaps between walls or maybe cracks in the foundation of the house. The seemingly petty things can be a way for pests to enter your home. So pay attention to them and close these things to seal the entryway of pests. You may also want to check structures used for pipes or electric wires. If you see holes, take a foam can and fill the gap.

3. Pay Attention to Damaged Spots

Maybe there are spots that need to be properly repaired. If you find one or even more, you need to repair them as soon as possible. Damaged spots can be the good entryway for pests. Don’t wait for pest DIY pest control Concord. The longer you wait, the more pest you’ll find.

4. What about the Drainage?

When you have leaking faucets, you may have more things to fix. Pests love damp places. Your drainage may become the home and breeding ground for bugs. Fix the leaking pipes of faucets immediately to prevent more pest.

5. Keep Good Ventilation

Good ventilation is one of the important keys in pest control Concord. When you find damp or moist areas in your home; use humidifiers there. These humidifiers will help to keep the moist places dry and thus preventing pest infestation.

6. Set Up Traps

Set up some traps around the places where pest activities can be found. You can use cage traps from rodents, raccoons, and squirrels. You can also use glue trap or snap trap for rodents. Make sure to regularly check the traps to prevent second wave infestation (dead pest invites other pests like bugs).

7. Spray Regularly

If you must, you can use pesticides and insecticides regularly. In order to use chemicals safely, you need to properly read the product information. Use the product carefully by following the instructions. Remember to always wear a mask to prevent too much chemical exposure. And if after all things you do and pest can still be found, its tie to make a call to professional pest control Concord.


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