The Cause of a Damaged Window Screen and How to Do the Home Depot Window Screen Repair

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Having a window screen at your home is one of the ways to keep you comfortable to stay at your house. It could prevent fewer winds to come during winter and less insect to come during spring. However, since it was made from screen, this window might not hold and have low endurance. It might get easily damaged. So, what might cause the window screen got damaged, and how to do the home depot window screen repair?

A. Tears Damage Repairing Tips

When your home depot window screen got tore up, do not worry and panic. You just waste your time and energy if you did something unnecessary. Here are the tips of who to do the home depot window screen repair when your window screen got tore apart. You can do every tip below on your own without hiring the specialist or buying a new one.

  1.    Small tears damage

When your windows screen got damaged and left a small tear in any part of a window, do not worry or panic. You can repair that small tear easily. Take tweezers and return the parts to the original state before it was tore and stitch it. After that, glued that parts with superglue and seal it and hold it by your hand or anything hard.

  1.    Big tears damage

Now, this is the advanced level of dealing with your big tears at your window screen. It might a little bit difficult than before, but still, you can do it on your own. When your window screen got tore apart, do not panic or hastily buy a new window screen. First, cut the tore parts of your window screen in a square form. Make sure you cut it really clean. Then, make a patch on a replacement screening. The patch must be a little bit bigger than the cut parts before. Lastly, glue the replacement patch into the window screen and now you got it patches.

  1.    Huge tears damage

For the huge tears damage, you have two options. The First option, if you do not want to spend a little bit effort; you can but a new window. The second options, you could do the steps identical with the big tears damage, but with more efforts. You need to cut bigger square and that will takes time.

B. Holes Damage Repairing Tips

If your window screen is damaged and resulting in a hole form, small or huge, then you have to patch your window screen with the replacement window. The steps of patching your window are almost nearly the same with how to repair the big and huge tears damage. The difference is that you have to make the patch based on the hole in your window. If it was a round shape, then make it round. If it was a square shape or oval shape, make it square and oval.

That is the cause of a damaged window screen and how to do a home depot window screen repair. Like previously stated, you can do it at home, and if you can spend a little bit effort, then you can do it without even buying a new one. Good luck in repairing your window.

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