Repairing the Commonly Occurring Problems before Asking the Help of Garage Door Repair Aurora CO

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As you find your garage door acting out, you will be ready to make a call for professional garage door repair Aurora CO. If you use garage constantly, you may want to get the repair ASAP! Have you ever tried to figure out the problems on your own and get the problem fixed without waiting? If not, you may want to start doing so from now on.

The Common Problems and Quick Repairs

Many problems may occur on a garage door. The problems may not be serious but rather trivial. Do not underestimate these trivial problems though. If you let these tiny problems exist, they may give you a headache in the future. Now, let’s check the following problems that commonly happen and quick ways to repair them.

1. Sometimes It Can or Cannot Be Opened


You have two possibilities that may be fixed before calling garage door repair Aurora CO service. The first (and the unlikely) problem happens if the opener is produced before 1993. The second problem happens when the remote almost runs out of battery. What can you do to fix the problem? For the first problem, you just need to change the code button on the remote. And for the second problem, you obviously need a new battery. It takes just a little while to change the battery on the remote and if you have an exterior keypad, the battery needs to be changed too.

2. It Cannot Be Opened for No Reason

No, there’s nothing happen without a reason including in this case. If you ever come home and unable to open your garage door, the problem may lie in the remote’s battery or a power outage.

No need to get professional service of garage door repair Aurora CO, what you need to do is to check the problem properly. If the problem happens due to a power outage in the neighborhood, you can only wait.

3. There’s A Thud As It Opens and/or Closes

Have you ever opened or closed your garage door and there a thud comes along with? If this happens to you, you will need to check on the springs. No matter what type of springs used, this problem bounds to happen. The springs may be broken. If the springs look good, the problem may be in the lifting cables. They may be on the verge of breaking or even already broken.

For this one problem, you may really need the help of a technician from garage door repair Aurora CO. Stop trying to open or close your garage door. Call for help immediately.

4. Suddenly, It Goes Back Up as It Goes Down a Little

You may be surprised when it happens. This problem usually comes when you have automatic sensor units. These are the units located on each door side about 5 to 6 inches on the floor. These units maybe are not aligned. Another problem is sensor’s sensitivity.

In order to repair this problem without the help of garage door repair Aurora CO, you need to align the sensor units and then check on the control panel. The indicator light must stop blinking. In the case of sensitivity, turn the sensor down a little bit. Turn the button a quarter to the left and check the door. Keep on doing this until the sensitivity is properly adjusted.

5. Door and Hinges are Not Aligned

When you find this problem, it probably happens because of the horizontal tracks are not aligned. Other possibilities include unscrewed bolts as well as the loose metal bracket.

If the door’s rollers are still found in the tracks, try to gently close the door and then tighten the bolts holding the metal bracket as firm as possible. Keep in mind that it takes the time to ensure that everything is parallel. If the door has fallen on the floor, immediately call garage door repair Aurora CO.

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