3 Best Online Home Depot Appliance Deals in 2017

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Appliance is one of the most needed things in the world, especially if we own a house. There are many kinds of appliances, from kitchen appliance to living room appliance. Not only that, the price of an appliance is varied, from a cheap and affordable appliance to all of the people to an expensive and luxury appliance that only several people could afford to buy it. In this article, there will be a review of several appliances that become the best online home depot appliance deals in 2017, from less than $5,000 appliances to more than $10,000 appliances.

  1. Standard Appliances
  •    Kenmore Standard Kitchen Set

The first best online home depot appliances deals which could cost you less than $5,000 appliances set is Kenmore Standard Kitchen Set. Kenmore standard kitchen set consist of Kenmore 5133 refrigerator, Kenmore 80353 microwave, Kenmore 95073 Induction, and Kenmore 14573 Dishwasher. The refrigerator has French door model and it will make anyone’s day in the kitchen, and priced around $1,000.  Furthermore, the microwave could heat faster and hotter, but still, evaporate steam, which you could take it for $570. Moreover, the induction part of Kenmore is being sold for $1,700, which not a bad price since it is the best thing in Kenmore Kitchen Set. Lastly, the dishwasher is ranged from $750.  From all of the appliances, the total of Kenmore Kitchen Set is $4,020 and that is a pretty cheap price for a kitchen set!

  •    Samsung Standard Kitchen Set

Samsung kitchen set is considered as the most affordable but owns the best quality of a home depot appliance deals in 2017. Samsung offers several items in this kitchen set. Firstly, it has a $720 dishwasher, which has the best cleaning but still lack in the creativity of upgrading. Secondly, there is an Electric range, which priced from $1,300 and could boil and simmer better than the previous models. Thirdly, a Microwave also the part of Samsung kitchen set, priced at $500 and identical with the dishwasher, this is still the old model and lack of creativity of upgrading. Lastly, there is the best part of Samsung kitchen set, the $2,805 refrigerator. The total of all Samsung kitchen set is $5,325 and it already becomes an affordable yet best quality kitchen set.

  1. Luxury Appliances    
  •    KitchenAid Luxury Kitchen Set

One of the most expensive with luxury and modern feature of home depot appliance deals is the KitchenAid. The KitchenAid Luxury kitchen set has the total price of $15,760, which offers a Microwave, Dishwasher, refrigerator and dual fuel range. Firstly, the Microwave is being priced for $1,000, the cheapest parts in the KitchenAid Luxury set. It could heat better in a short time. Next is the $1,620 of a dishwasher, which has the 3rd rack and glass screen. Furthermore, the $9,000 refrigerator, the best parts in the KitchenAid luxury set. Lastly, there is a dual-fuel range, which can be installed a dual fuel like its name and worth $4,140.

That is the 3 best online home depot appliance deals in 2017. Like previously stated, the prices of the appliances are different and it was based on the manufacture and quality. Some people believed that the more expensive the price, the better its quality. However, it’s all the best appliances, so you have to buy it based on the cash you have and not overbuy it.

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