Choosing the Good and Suitable Home Depot Door Jamb

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Home depot door jamb and lintel in door frame collection will need multiple checks for the sake of better door installment. Good and suitable frame make good, more secure and sturdy door that lasts for long. Just imagine if you chose wrong frame kits. Yes, you’ll find multiple problems. A door that doesn’t fit may happen when you choose wrong door frame kit.

When a door and its frame are a pair of misfit, you can also expect security and sturdiness to suffer as well. Therefore, it’s more than just about the look. Now, let’s take our time to properly consider the factors that can make or break a door.

Important Things for Consideration


  • Shapes and Types


There are various door frames available to complement a variety of doors. Basically, a door frame will need not only one home depot door jamb but two jambs running vertically on both door sides. On top of the jambs, there is a lintel forming a crosspiece. At the bottom, a sill is forming part of the door threshold.

You may have chosen the unusual shape of a door but the frame’s basic principal remains the same. It must provide a seal when the door is closed. Considering this thing, it becomes clearer how the frame needs to be designed according to the door shapes and types.


  • Materials


In most cases, woods are chosen as the material of door frame. Wood is known for cheaper prices and fast making process. Attaching doors into wooden frames is considered easier as well. Wood is sturdy but will get weaker as the time goes by. It’s also subject to splintering or cracking due to pressures. Therefore some doors have reinforced steel overlay for sturdier and more resilient doors.

Aside of wooden frames, it’s possible to find door frames made of fiberglass, uPVC, aluminum and also composite wood and resin. These frames are also considered sturdier and perfect for the longer term. You may also find a package of door and frames completely attached as one perfect door. If you prefer practicality, this package is a great option.

Differences Caused by Shapes, Types, and Materials of Door Frame

Shapes, types, and materials may give different effects to the door construction. As you check the available home depot door jamb, the jambs will always stand perfectly vertical. However, the lintel may differ in shapes.  Amongst all shapes, rectangular has the best strength in supporting the construction of the door. Thus the rectangular frames are more popular. If you add or change the angle of the frame, you probably will get additional weak points.

As for materials, higher quality materials are better for durability despite the higher prices. Aside of quality, it’s important to consider other factors such as heat transfer capability. Woods are poor heat conductor but excellent in keeping heat inside or outside the home just like fiberglass and uPVC. Metal, on the other hand, is good heat conductor but easily gain or lose heat. Feel free to take your time to consider all factors before rushing to purchase door kits that include home depot door jamb.

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