Home Depot Solid Core Door or Hollow Core Door?

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Home Depot solid core door is one many people leaned on. Natural and real woods are better no matter how you look at it. It’s an easy choice! However, you may change your mind when you take a number of doors you need into consideration. The vast difference in price between the two options swings your opinion easily. In order to choose the best option, you need to know more about the materials used to make doors.

The Materials Commonly Used for Doors

There’s no need to question. Wood is a very common material for doors. It is sturdy, easy to work on and aesthetically pleasing. Maybe, you think of wooden doors as the same to one another. However, this is not true. You will find two different options in regard of wooden doors. There are solid wood doors and solid core doors. Both options are good in their own way.


  • Solid Wood Doors


This term refers to the doors made by pieces of natural woods being put together. In other words, these are the most common doors found almost everywhere. This option is great for both interior and exterior. It’s solid and sturdy enough. It has good resell value and able to block sound well. The price is not cheap though.


  • Solid Core Doors


A door of this kind such as the Home Depot solid core door is known for its excellent durability. It’s all thanks to the composite wood that serves as the core of the door. It is a great option if you wish to have doors that can block sound very well and hold reasonable resell value. However, these doors are really heavy and not suitable for the exterior. Aside of that, the installation must be done by two or more people.


A Solid Core Door as an Option

Solid core doors are great options for the durability. However, you may want to consider more details about it. As aforementioned, these doors have composite wood as the core and they are very heavy. The installation of the door will become more difficult due to its heaviness especially if you intend to install it alone. Despite the slightly more difficult installation, the Home Depot solid core door is worthy for the positives.

As aforementioned, the door is very durable because of its solid core. The door is very good at blocking sound and thus perfect choice for a soundproof room. The price is reasonable and not as expensive as the solid wood door can be. The resell value is also not bad to be considered. Another thing to be considered is the usage of the door. If a solid core door if for an interior, you may proceed. But if it is for an exterior, you need to stop at once.

After reading all things above, you may start questioning whether a solid core door is a good one for your home. The answer really depends on every individual. All things considered, it is wise to avoid solid core door unless your home has the specific architectural requirement that mentions Home Depot solid core door.

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