Push and Pull More Easy With Automatic Door Closer Home Depot

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Don’t be the fuddy-duddy and make your door stylish and modern one with The Automatic Door Closer Home Depot. Install it and enjoy the easier life. Now, we face to you designs of Automatic Door Closer Home Depot:

The TS93 Hydraulic Door Closer

The TS93 with regular arm operating effectiveness and track arm artistic make you open and close much easier. Push side installation presents the advantages of track arm with the closer seated on the door and the track seated on the top. Its exclusive cam and roller pattern. The TS9356 will be available from 4 to 6. TS9315 will be adjustable from 1 to 6 for barrier-free requisites.

The TS93 GR Door Coordinator Program

The TS93 GSR Automatic Door Closer Home Depot’s collection presents ordinarily requisites three or more hardware elements. Its contour pattern integrates smooth and effectiveness with attractive cam and roller mechanism.The TS9315 features with barrier-free requisites.

The U1500 Surface Door Closer

The U1500 Door closer has two separate faucets to manage sweep and latch push and pull speeds. It’s present stagnant speed when temperature transform. With ANSI Grade 1 license and one decade guarantee, it makes no doubt. It is perfect for new or back fit storefront application. Its pattern using the most industry.


This Automatic Door Closer Home Depot’s series suitable for remote managing, tempered glass door application, or fire and life protection. It’s a perfect result where provides an artistic and safety products where the hold opens automatically by fire alarm contact. Don’t worry it’s also present an electromagnetic hydraulic hold open design with an average of approximately 66° up to 177°. It has switch controls for privacy function. The power off for the privacy (closed) or the power on for open. Use the hold open and privacy feature such as in the classroom or office for the more enjoyable condition.

The STA With Corrosion-resistant Feature

Feature wth the flexibility of the 8600 or 8900 maximum corrosion resistance perfect for swimming pool zones, chemical plants, ships, seashore, offshore oil rigs, or everywhere corrosive environment. The STA 8600 available at 1-6 but the other one STA 8900 available at 1-6 and 4-6+50%.

The ITS96 Concealed Series

The ITS96 perfect for virtually frames and doors combination such as hollow metal, aluminium doors, frames, or interior wood. It provides the high result for concealed doors applications with the rapid decrease in pull and pushes force. Feature with effective cam, non-handed, and roller pattern faces the challenge of offering the operation and features necessary in the compact model. Complete with ANSI/BHMA A117.1 and ADA license for barrier-free accessibility

The 1800 Series with or without Smoke Detector

This Automatic Door Closer Home Depot’s series feature with or without integral smoke detector power, suitable for installation on buildings where it is advantageous fire and smoke barrier doors. It’s will operate as a common door control (whether or not power is applied), easy operate throughout a building while not efficient its integrity to manage the spread of fire or smokes. if there were no closing device fitted under normal circumstances, but must be self-closing under alarm or loss of current.

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