Mobile Home Door Locks

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 Mobile Home Door Locks

If you have a new house or an idea to change your old door lock, try to choose mobile home door locks.

Why should choose mobile home door locks?

  • you might not need a craftsman because it is easy to install.
  • Suitable for all kind of doors
  • It usually has various selections
  • Protect your home safely

How to change your home door lock with a new mobile home door locks?

You might not need a craftsman to replace your old home door lock with a new home door locks. Follow this procedure to change you new mobile home door lock:

  1. Firstly, you need to remove the old hardware with a Phillips head srew driver.
  2. Prepare a set of screwdriver that also can be used to install the new mobile home door locks.
  3. Measure the placement of the mobile home door locks with a pencil and ruler.then, you have a little square placement.
  4. You are going to make a hole on that square placement by using a roratry cutter or rotary tool.
  5. When you want to get it cuts, you need a chisel and a hammer. Don’t worry to use a rotary cutter to make it smoother. In this step, you might tak time so don’t get in a rush.
  6. Start to patch a new set of mobile home door locks.
  7. Take off the screws on your mobile home door locks so that the cover comes off.
  8. Slip the mobile home door locks in its place. Tighten that up and do the same thing fo the other screws.
  9. Put your other parts such as the ring and knob grab.
  10. Give it a test run. If it works perfectly, you are done.


What brand of mobile home door locksmight fit with your new house?

Actually, all brands might suit with your doors. This Brink’s Blue Series Mobile Home Keyed Entry Knob is likely giving some new features. What are they?

  • Anti-Drill Pin (high security feature)
  • Pick & bump resistent
  • A weather resistent seal
  • A drive-in latch
  • Installation is simple.

How to install it in your new house?

Using the Brink’s Blue Series Mobile Home Keyed Entry Knob,in just a few minutes you can easily improve the appearance of your new home and make it more secure.

  • If necessary, adjust the latch back set according to how your doorknob hole was prepared.
  • Measure the distance from door edge to theof the hole on the face center. The face of the door is called back set.
  • If the distance is two and three eights of an inch, you can use the latch out of the box as the letches.
  • Determine the proper faceplate for the latch.
  • Insert the latch into the hole until the color engages finish by gently tapping in the latch with a block of if using the faceplate.
  • Insert the to latch screws into the faceplate hole.
  • Tighten using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Pull off the backing of the weather resistant.
  • Insert the main lock body of the lock from the exterior side of the door with a spindle going through the opening of the latch.
  • Insert the knob and line up the two screws through the openings on the knob rose plate with a screw on the main lock body.
  • Test the installation.

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