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Home Depot Deck Lights

Decorating your deck is a good option to make your house more elegant. Home Depot Deck Lights promotes wide selections to customize your beautiful decks. Here are the products that might give you some choices to help you in installing Home Depot Deck Lights.

  1. LED Deck and Stair Lights (Kit includes 8 lights)

LED Deck and Stair Lights (Kit includes 8 lights) are alow-voltage light recess to your deck or stair riser. Adding a dramatic effect making your outdoor living space both appealing and accessible after dusk. This lighting option is durable, compact and really easy to install. You do not need to hire an electrician. You can do it by your self. Follow this procedure to install the light:

  • Measure the placement of your step light
  • You might drill a 1 inch hole. Once the hole is finished, you will feed the wires through the hole. When the wires are run through, you will connect one end of the wiring to the Photo Sensor and the other end to the next lighting fixture.
  • Secure the Photo Sensor into its location.
  • Then, you will connect the transformer to the Photo Sensor.
  • Last, plug the transformer into the outlet.

When the lights are being installed, you need to keep in mind that the Photo Sensor needs to be less than one foot from power receptor and in clear view of daylight.

  1. Low Voltage Led Round Deck Lighting

Choosing a low voltage LED round deck lighting, you might need the electrician to install it. it is not simple to install it but if you can do it by your self, try to do these following steps:

  • Use a forstner bit to make a hole for wire connections
  • After you drill your fostner a little bit off-center is to use the auger bit and go down. You are going to drill down just below the hand rail so that you can drill from underneath into the hole.
  • Use a half inch bitto drill from under the handrail up into the Auger bit hole.
  • Run the wire up through the holes and staple it up under the handrail.
  • Tuck your wire connections in neatly. Put in the bulb. Put the cap on.
  • Finally, you are done.
  1. Progress LED White Vertical Step Light

The model of this one is a natural white 12-volt. It is a great way to add distinct accent lighting and promote safety illumination to your steps or deck walkways.

  • Measure the placement by two and a half inches hole saw right off center a little bit by happens.
  • Match the hole with the four outer screws of the light
  • Don’t worry about the wire nuts on nice and tight tapped into the circuit.
  • Mount the light into the wood and this light can be mounted into a junction box.
  • Put out the maximum light out put.
  • Mounting the trim plate or the faceplate to the light. You might only need a screwdriver for to do it.

The three products above are only the samples of the various product from Home Depot Deck Lights.Therefore, find other products of Home Depot Deck Lights for your elegant deck.

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