4 Kinds of Best Clothes Dryer Home Depot That is Worth More than $500

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4 Kinds of Best Clothes Dryer Home Depot That is Worth More than $500

A clothes dryer is the things that you really need besides your washing machine to dry your clothes. Without any clothes dryer, you might have a little hard time to prepare your fresh washed laundry. The price of the clothes dryer is varied and it all depends on the feature from the dryer itself. The better and unique the feature, the more expensive it will be. There are 4 kinds of best clothes dryer home depot that are worth more than $500, which has the better ability than the other clothes dryer. Read more below to see the 4 kinds of best clothes dryer home depot mentioned above.


  1. Kenmore 60222

If you are looking for the best clothes dryer home depot which is cheaper but still has the quality that could compete with the modern and more expensive clothes dryer, then Kenmore 60222 might be your choice. Kenmore 60222 has the classic views but the feature is modern. Kenmore 60222 has a capacity of 6.5 cubits per inch and has a sensor that could remind you that your dryer is finished. You only need to pay $550 for one Kenmore 60222 and that is not a very bad price!

  1. Maytag MGDX 655DW

You might not familiar with Maytag, but trust me, Maytag is known for its washer and dryer. One of the best Maytag clothes dryers is called Maytag MGDX 655DW. Maytag MGDX 655DW is being sold for $750 per item. How come? It has an “IntelliDry” which could sensors any moisture that left in the clothes and beep if there is none moisture left.

  1. Bosch WTG86402UC

Bosch WTG86402UC is known for its performance ability which has 15 different option of how you can dry your clothes. Bosch WTG86402UC also utilizes high heat effect for the items that cannot be washed to kill the bacteria. Bosch WTG86402UC does not have big size, so it is not recommended to use it for laundry shop. To buy Bosch WTG86402UC, you have to pay $1,400 in the nearby store or buy it online.

  1. Electrolux EFMG617STT 8

At the first glance, after you see Electrolux EFMG617STT 8, you might think that Electrolux EFMG617STT 8 looks like a big that can contain loads of your laundry. Actually, yes it can. Electrolux EFMG617STT 8 has a big capacity that you can dry loads of your laundry into it. Furthermore, Electrolux EFMG617STT 8 has a fast dryer system, which you can dry you clothes for 15 minutes and after it dried, you can wear it on the spot. It also has the ability to detect your clothes condition to avoid over-dry. To get Electrolux EFMG617STT 8, you only have to pay $1,100 and you will get the best clothes dryer home depot.


That is all the 4 kinds of best clothes dryer home depot that are worth more than $500. It might sound a little expensive but trust me, it is worth every single penny that you have, considered that those 4 clothes dryer home depot has the best feature than most of all clothes dryer. You might want to reconsider your belief to say that those are expensive.

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