Make Your Own Home Pest Control

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Make Your Own Home Pest Control

Having a pest problem in your home is really disturbing. When the pests come, it’s time for you to make Do It Yourself home pest control. You can easily make a pest control with natural remedies that you can find from your surroundings.


Pests are dangerous for health because they bring diseases that can spread within a week. Always check your house thoroughly, especially ventilations. These openings can be the ways for pests to come inside. Then, it is also important to regularly get rid of your garbage from the house. If you store foods, use airtight boxes instead of cardboard packaging. Pests will chew the cardboard to eat the foods you store inside.


Now, the home pest control is what you need if you discover the pests already invading your house. Are you a coffee lover? Then you can use the recycled coffee grounds as a pest control. Unlike us, pests hate coffee. Put the coffee grounds in a cup or bowl then place it in the ants’ ways. You can also put it in the ventilations where the bugs pass.


The next Do It Yourself home pest control is from apple and vinegar. Prepare a bottle that has a funnel shape on top. This kind of bottle will be a trap for the flies as they can get in but cannot go out. Chop apples and fill the bottle with vinegar. Then put the pieces of apple in the bottle. This will trap the flies and leave them inside with no way of getting out.


Those pest controls might not last too many days because you have to replace it with the fresh one. So, how about a pest control that can be used for several days? A garlic mint spray is an answer. This spray can be used to get rid of all those insects in the house and the garden. You will need mint leaves, garlic cloves, cayenne pepper, and dishwashing liquid.


First, put the garlic and mint leaves in a blender. Blend the two items until smooth. Add cayenne pepper and dishwashing liquid. Only add a drop of those two items into the blended mint-garlic. Then, put it in a pan and boil the mixture. Leave it for a night. You will find it very useful to dispose of insects in the next days!


Another homemade spray that you can make is dust mite oil. To make this one, you need to mix eucalyptus, clove, peppermint, lavender, and rosemary oil. Put all those ingredients in a bottle of water. You can mist your bed with this spray to prevent mites. If you have problems with lice and fleas, you can add lemongrass and basil into the spray.


All those pest controls do not need too much time to make. It also doesn’t cause any harm to the environment or your health. The coffee grounds and natural sprays will not cost you a penny. You can make use of the items from your kitchen pantry for this easy Do It Yourself home pest control.



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