You are intelligent, beautiful creatures with ultimately

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canadian goose jacket Taking a week off of the sub. Clearing out reports yesterday and seeing our fan base turn on itself is disgusting. This sub is my baby, and watching it fall into the Gus Bradley state hurts a lot. One meta idea I was screwing around with was to arbitrarily assign the players a number and put one on a canada goose outlet michigan sheet of paper in plain view and based on what happens randomly telling players to add or subtract to their number while I do the same with mine. The idea was for it to actually have no purpose besides fostering a sense of impeding doom, but perhaps I should make so and canada goose outlet online uk treat it like a sanity style effect for this particular area. Get too low and bad things begin to happen to you; area number gets too low then bad things begin to happen canada goose outlet montreal to everyone canadian goose jacket.

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