He then planned to drive back to Woodland

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Canada Goose Parka This recap comes from a long time poster/commenter r/UpNorthWilly.(he has been here from the beginning)There are various speculations about whether the people who picked her up were known to her and what their and her motives might have been as well as where she was, with who, and whether any or all of it was as a captiveThe SCSO confirmation of Michigan Man, who canada goose vest outlet had been canada goose outlet vip rumored from the start, and her plans to meet him right about the time she went missing cast a lot of doubt into the whole abduction narrative. Also the fact that she can remember very little about those 22 days and even the day she went missing is confounding to the police who normally would quickly identify the culprits in such a case where the victim was found alive and could relate the details of her experience.My 1 theory is that MM flew into Sacramento and drove to his SF 2 day conference that week. He then planned to drive back to Woodland, CA and meet SP that evening before taking a short drive to the Airport the next morning to be picked up by his loving wife at the Detroit airport.LE said that the meet never happened because he was called home by a “family emergency”. Canada Goose Parka

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